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Brigham Young University *           Overall Score      

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Brigham Young University


Provo, UT 84606

Employer Appreciation

Long-term Prospects



Length of Employment: 4 months

Summary: BYU is a decent place to work if you are going to BYU and you don't have a car. If you really need to make some money to offset tuition and rent (ie, you don't have money coming in from your parents or anything), you are probably better off sticking with a job in Provo or Orem.

Full Review

Jobs at BYU don't pay very much. However, there is a loophole in the law that basically allows you to work at the school you are attending without paying social security. This raises your effective wage a little bit (in my case, fifty cents or so).

Flexibility with Schedule 
Because BYU is an academic institution, their highest priority is working around your schedule. My friends did have some jobs where they worked all night and they were required to work every night, even during finals, but for the most part the school is good at working around your schedule.

Employer Appreciation 
You work at BYU because you have to make a little money and you don't have a car. Don't expect much in the way of being an appreciated employee.

Long-term Prospects 
Your best long-terms prospects from your stay at Brigham Young University are going to stem from the degree that you get, not the job that you had on campus.

You have health benefits available for being a student, which are really nice, but you don't need to work there to qualify for the benefits. A fringe benefit is, as mentioned before, if you are attending the school you are not responsible for paying Social Security.

Everybody is treated the same.

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