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Product Selection

Carrie's Cakes

Product Quality

1454 East Ridgemark Dr.
Sandy, UT 84092



Reasonable Sales Tactics

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Summary: Carrie's Cakes will make your wedding day or any other special occasion unforgettable. They will go out of their way to reduce your stress and let you and your family enjoy the day. Carrie's Cakes is highly recommended to anybody needing catering services in Utah.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Carrie's Cakes has a wide selection of beautiful cakes from simple to ornate.

Product Quality 
Carrie allowed us to taste nearly all of the flavors that she had available and they were all delicious. Nearly every guest at our wedding commented on the extremely high quality of the refreshments.

Carrie was always easy to contact and provided top-level service. This was in contrast to our experience with Panache Catering who seemed to think that a high level of service was not necessary when dealing with customers. Carrie will go out of her way to make everything perfect.

The price, again, in contrast to Panache, was very reasonable. Our dessert buffet, which consisted of 5 different desserts, was about $5/person. She also organized to have a chocolate fountain there at our request. In addition, she took care of our invitations.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
Carrie was, again like most good companies, honest and upfront about our costs. We told her the budget that we were working with and she did the absolute best job that she could do within that budget.

Problem Resolution  NA
No comment on this because no significant problems arose when working with this company.

Carrie's Cakes is by far the best option for wedding or special event catering in Utah. Carrie understands that her commitment to quality and high-level of customer service results in happy customers who will continue coming back to her and referring friends to her well into the future

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