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Chuck-A-Rama *           Overall Score      

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Product Selection


Product Quality

Multiple Locations in Utah
Orem, UT



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Summary: Excellent buffet restaurant. Their bread pudding is fantastic. Editor's Note: For those who may not know, Chuck-A-Rama is a buffet-style restaurant such as Hometown Buffet, Golden Corral, etc. These buffet restaurants allow you to pay a one-time fee at the door and eat and drink all that you can for as long as you choose to stay. This is a great option for fickle diners because they will most likely be able to find something that they will like.

Full Review

Product Selection 
Great selection.

Product Quality 
Everything I had was great.

Like any buffet, it's mostly self-service, but they seemed to do a good job keeping things stocked, etc.

Great price, I think it's $7 for dinner.

Problem Resolution  NA
No problems.

You get a great meal at a great price with a great selection - what more could you ask for?

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