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Orem, UT

Employer Appreciation

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Length of Employment: 2 years

Summary: If you are going to college and interested in learning more about computers, working at Convergys on the Microsoft account might be a good start. They invest pretty heavily in training you and have nice benefits such as insurance, paid tuition, etc. On the flip side, they are not very flexible with scheduling and by the nature of the job, it is quite stressful. I would recommend Convergys only as a last resort to somebody who can't find anything else.

Full Review

For a job in Utah that doesn't require any experience and very little competition (if you have a pulse you should be able to land a job), Convergys does pay pretty well. If you are in a technical position, such as tech support for Microsoft, you can expect to make about $9.50 starting. Raises, however, are nothing to be excited about - somewhere in the fifty cents every year range.

Flexibility with Schedule 
Convergys is not very flexible at all with hours because the tech support department is open only between certain hours. They depend on their technicians to work the hours that they dictate and are not very forgiving when you have a legitimate reason to miss work. If you are frequently late or looking for a liberal schedule, Convergys probably is not for you.

Employer Appreciation 
There are a few different jobs at Convergys (such as telemarketing, etc.), but I can only speak for the Microsoft tech support team. From everything that I have heard, we were treated the best out of all of the employees there, so don't expect a lot in the way of respect and appreciation from your employer if you choose to work at Convergys. There is a reason that they are constantly advertising for new jobs - their turnover rate is very high because they don't do more to show their employees that they appreciate them. In fact, the two years that I worked there, we had one employee barbeque, but Convergys didn't pay for it - Microsoft did because we had broken a customer satisfaction goal.

Long-term Prospects 
I don't think that most people realize how big Convergys is (their market capitalization is almost $2 billion). However, working on the floor of a call center is not a great way to get into the management team. The two years that I was there, I never met anybody who had started on the floor and had moved off of the floor - it is definitely a dead-end job.

I have to admit that Convergys does have good benefits. After you have been there six months (this may have changed by now), you are eligible for health insurance that is pretty comprehensive. Also, they do an employee stock purchase plan where they match a portion of every paycheck that you put towards buying their stock. My personal favorite perk was the paid tuition - after one year of employment, you can have about $800 per semester of college reimbursed. After two years, they will pay 100% of your tuition (up to some cap that no Utah college would exceed).

The job was no good and I never really felt appreciated, but at least they were consistently bad as an employer. I never felt like other employees ever got any kind of special treatment. They viewed their technicians as commoditized labor and just figured that very high turnover rates were better than the alternative of paying a premium to keep good employees.

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