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Ken Garff South Valley Collision Center *           Overall Score      

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Product Quality

Ken Garff South Valley Collision Center
11585 S. State St.
Draper, Utah




Reasonable Sales Tactics


Problem Resolution


Summary: The company has no follow through. They replaced parts with wrong parts which caused electronic failure in the car, put pieces on wrong, damaged other parts, didn't replace some parts, and had the nerve to claim that perhaps the damage they were repairing was there before the accident. And yet it was within the scope of original damage area. They lied constantly, gave different stories depending on who you talked to, and would not stand behind their work. Absolutely a last choice place to have any body work done.

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Product Selection 

Product Quality 
I had to take my car back 7 times to the body shop to fix not only the original problem, but new problems caused by them breaking parts of the car while attempting to fix what was wrong originally. Not only that, but the paint job was incomplete, not sanded down well, so original problems in the previous damage resurfaced in less than a month. Now I drive a Volvo that looks terrible. It's embarrassing to have a "nice" car that looks like crap.

I had to call them constantly and get them to do their jobs. They never called with any updates. The car would stay in the shop for three weeks total because they'd forget to order parts, and everything would wait on those parts. They had no regard for quality, and I could easily spot unfixed problems, and new problems with a simple visual review of the car.

Price  NA

Reasonable Sales Tactics  NA

Problem Resolution 
They eventually pawned me off to the Dealership's Service department because they didn't want to continue with the problems. They did not resolve the problems.

The value of the work was not worth it. It would have been better to drive with the original damage than to have to endure the never ending frustrations and recalls.

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