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Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket *           Overall Score      

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Product Selection

Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket

Product Quality


Southtown Auto Mall
Sandy, UT
(Just off I-15 in Sa



Reasonable Sales Tactics

Problem Resolution



Summary: This was by far the worst car shopping experiences I've ever had. I left feeling like the only option I had was to buy a pile of junk. We ended up purchasing our car at a small family owned lot and had a wonderful experience. I really felt like I would have been ripped off had I been pressured into purchasing a car at the Southtown Auto Mall. Editor's Note: Larry H. Miller is a holding company in Utah that has different dealerships (such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, etc.). This particular posting deals with the used car outlet that has all of these brands as well as more (high-quality lines such as Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc.).

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Product Selection 
The dealership had almost nothing that was in our price range. The cars they did offer were old (over 5 years) and had a lot of miles.

Product Quality  NA
I'm sure they have some good quality vehicles here but we didn't purchase anything because of the lack of selection and poor service.

See explanation for "Reasonable Sales Tactics."

Once again, we told the salesmen our price range and the vehicles they showed us were all overpriced for the number of miles and year of the vehicle. The vehicles they did show us that were nicer were way out of our price range and it felt like a waste of our time to even look at them.

Reasonable Sales Tactics 
The salesmen here were very pushy. They also made us feel like there was no way we could get a car in our price range that had less than 50,000 miles on it (which is exactly what we did at another dealership the next day). The overall experience with the salesmen was very negative and I left feeling really upset.

Problem Resolution 
The salesmen were totally unwilling to offer any high-quality options in our price range.

Value  NA
Editor's Note: The person who posted this review did not purchase so they cannot comment on the value of the offering at Larry H. Miller.

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