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Sewell Direct


Orem, UT

Employer Appreciation

Long-term Prospects



Length of Employment: 2 years

Summary: Sewell is a great place to work. Last year they won the Utah Work/Life Award which is basically an award for being one of the best places to work in Utah. I learned more at Sewell than I think I could at any other company in Utah.

Full Review

Sewell Direct is a small company but they pay very well for this area.

Flexibility with Schedule 
This is where Sewell really shines - they were always willing to work around my school schedule and recognized the importance of me earning my degree. Other employers should take a cue from Sewell here.

Employer Appreciation 
I always felt appreciated for the job I did.

Long-term Prospects 
This is really up to the employee - since it is such a small company opportunities will inevitably come up, it is just up to the employee to take advantage of them.

As of the writing Sewell has nothing in place in the way of benefits. Hopefully when they grow a little more this will change.

I always felt like the managers and other employees treated each other with fairness and respect.

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