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Buying a Toyota in Salt Lake City

Toyota's are great cars - they cost a bit more than other comparable vehicles, but the manufacturing quality of Toyota's typically results in a lower total-cost-of-ownership. They are also quite popular in Salt Lake. Below you will find a list of Toyota dealerships in Salt Lake City and a few have links to customer reviews - keep in mind that these only represent one (or sometimes two) person's opinion of the dealership.

When looking for a new car in Salt Lake you should definitely take the time to visit a few different dealerships - we have found a considerable difference in prices between local dealerships and when two or three are competing for your business you will get much better pricing. Also keep in mind the bonuses that some dealerships will throw in - specifically consider free oil changes, tire rotation, warranty lengths, etc.

Many shoppers assume that dealerships will never price below "invoice" because this is what the dealer is paying. This isn't true - "invoice" does not represent the real price to the dealership and we have talked to several customers who have been able to buy cars significantly below invoice.

Another tip for buying a Toyota in Salt Lake is to bargain the price based on the real price of the car, not the monthly payments. Many dealerships will try to negotiate monthly prices (on a 6 year term sometime) banking on the fact that you won't do the math and figure out how much you are really paying. Do your homework first and be prepared to do serious negotiating. If you don't feel up for it take somebody you think can get the job done. Offer them $100 or so for their help - they will be happy and you will most likely save thousands of dollars.

Here are the authorized Toyota dealerships in Salt Lake:

Larry H. Miller Toyota (Murray)

Karl Malone Toyota (Sandy)

Mark Miller Toyota (Salt Lake City)

Menlove Toyota (Bountiful)

Brent Brown Toyota (Provo)

Tony Divino Toyota (Riverdale)